Firewalls and Internet Security:

Repelling the Wily Hacker

Second Edition

William R. Cheswick, Steven M. Bellovin, and Aviel D. Rubin

The long-awaited second edition is here! It's a complete rewrite of the first edition, considerably longer -- 455 pages instead of 320 -- and somewhat different in focus. It had better be, given how the Internet has changed since 1994. The best way to explain that is to note that the very last section added to the first edition was about this new-fangled thing called the Web...

  1. Getting Started
    1. Introduction
    2. A Security Review of Protocols: Lower Layers (PDF)
    3. Security Review: The Upper Layers (PDF, HTML)
    4. The Web: Threat or Menace?

  2. The Threats
    1. Classes of Attacks
    2. The Hackers' Workbench, and other Munitions

  3. Safer Tools and Services
    1. Authentication
    2. Using Some Tools and Services

  4. Firewalls and VPNs
    1. Kinds of Firewalls
    2. Filtering Services
    3. Firewall Engineering
    4. Tunneling and VPNs

  5. Protecting an Organization
    1. Network Layout
    2. Safe Hosts in a Hostile Environment
    3. Intrusion Detection

  6. Lessons Learned
    1. An Evening with Berferd
    2. The Taking of Clark (PDF)
    3. Secure Communications over Insecure Networks
    4. Where Do We Go from Here?

  7. Appendixes
    1. An Introduction to Cryptography
    2. Keeping Up

      Bibliography (HTML)
      List of Bombs
      List of Acronyms

ISBN:   0-201-63466-X
Publisher:   Addison-Wesley Professional
Pages:   464
Price:   $49.99

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The complete text of the first edition is still available online, and can be found here.